Investing with LendingCrowd

LendingCrowd offers investors the opportunity to lend to UK businesses and earn interest rates starting at 5.95%*. Remember your capital is at risk when you invest.

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Becoming an investor is easy. Create your account and complete the verification check using your passport or driving licence.

Choose your account

LendingCrowd offers a range of accounts for different ways to invest:

Read more about the different accounts here.

Transfer Your Funds

Whichever account you choose, you need to add funds to your account before you can get started. You can do this by debit card or bank transfer.

Invest in UK Businesses

If you’ve opened a Self Select Account you can choose your investments in our Loan Market, where there are two types of loans listed.

  • New loans are put into an auction where investors choose how much they’d like to lend and at what interest rate.
  • Existing loans - you can buy loans from other investors on our Loan Market. There is no bidding involved and you can invest instantly.

If you’ve opened a LendingCrowd Growth Account or an LendingCrowd Growth ISA, once your funds are credited to your account, they will be invested on your behalf in at least 20 loans across our Loan Market. You’ll be invested in a diversified portfolio of loans, with no more than 5% of your money invested in any one loan.

Your Investments Repay Monthly

When you invest with a Self Select Account, you’ll receive monthly repayments of capital and interest from each of the businesses you’ve lent to. You can then reinvest this money into other loans to keep earning returns.

Repayments into a LendingCrowd Growth Account or a LendingCrowd Growth ISA will be automatically reinvested into other loans for you, continuously diversifying your investment portfolio and ensuring that your money keeps working for you.

* Your capital is at risk when you invest with LendingCrowd. LendingCrowd and its products are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

** The 6% target rate is variable, net of ongoing management fees and estimated bad debt but before the 1% withdrawal fee.

or learn more about how we make our Loan Decisions.


  1. Low minimum investment

  2. Easy account opening

  3. Low, transparent fees

  4. Diversify your portfolio

*Remember, your capital is at risk

Types of Investment

  • LendingCrowd Growth ISA
    Pay no personal taxes on your returns and get an automatically diversified loan portfolio. Target rate 6% p.a.**

  • Self Select Account
    Invest in loans you choose through our Loan Market to stay in control of your investment. Average returns over 8%*

  • LendingCrowd Growth Account
    Invest quickly and simply in a diversified loan portfolio with all repayments reinvested. Target rate 6% p.a.**

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If you invest through LendingCrowd you should understand that your capital is at risk.

LendingCrowd is the trading name of Edinburgh Alternative Finance Limited, Company Number SC468392, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Firm reference number 670991). LendingCrowd and its products are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Read more about the risk involved when investing and borrowing.

LendingCrowd is a credit broker and not a lender.

The company's registered office is 23 Manor Place, Edinburgh, EH3 7DX.

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