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Transferring an existing ISA to LendingCrowd

It’s easy to transfer existing Cash ISAs, Stocks & Shares ISAs and Innovative Finance ISAs to a LendingCrowd Innovative Finance ISA. You can make either full or partial transfers from ISAs opened in previous tax years, and full transfers from ISAs opened in the current tax year. We only accept cash transfers from your other ISAs. This means your ISA provider may have to sell any stocks or shares you hold before making the transfer. The minimum transfer value we accept is £1,000.

How to transfer your ISA

It’s easy to transfer your ISA to us:

  1. Open your LendingCrowd Innovative Finance ISA account online
  2. Download and complete our transfer form and post it to us
  3. We’ll contact your existing ISA manager and organise the transfer of funds

The process normally takes between 15 and 30 days, depending on the type of ISA you’re transferring to us. By following these steps, rather than closing your existing ISAs and moving the funds, you’ll maintain the tax benefits* of your ISA funds.

Why transfer your ISA?

Transferring your existing ISAs to LendingCrowd allows you to manage all your ISA funds in one place, making it simpler for you to keep an eye on your returns. Your online LendingCrowd account makes it easy to monitor your portfolio and view the performance of your loan holdings at any time.

*Tax treatment depends on the individual circumstances of each lender and may be subject to change in future. When lending to businesses, it’s important to remember that your capital is at risk. LendingCrowd and its products are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

LendingCrowd is open for business and stands ready to help borrowers and lenders through the Covid-19 outbreak. Find out more: