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What are your options for business finance?

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) make up more than 99% of the business population and account for some 60% of all private sector employment. However, they continue to struggle to secure the business finance they need to grow. Some 90% of …Read More

Rain or shine, it’s time to Think Outside The Bank

Judging by the view from my office in Edinburgh, the heatwave is finally giving way to some welcome rain, but that hasn’t put a dampener on LendingCrowd’s activities. We’ve just completed a record six-month period for loans origination, with £13.9 million of lending …Read More

Changes to our loan auctions

To reduce the number of bids that are automatically rejected during auctions on our Loan Market, we’ve lowered the maximum interest rate for each of our five Credit Bands. We made this decision after carefully considering the best interests of our …Read More

Pickering’s Gin: A Borrower Story

LendingCrowd has recently completed a debt financing round for the producer of Pickering’s Gin, Summerhall Distillery, raising £500,000 for the award-winning Scottish spirits brand. The funding round will be used by Summerhall Distillery, Edinburgh’s first exclusive gin distillery in 150 years, …Read More