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Preparing your LendingCrowd loan application

If you have decided to apply for a business loan with LendingCrowd, here’s a quick guide to the process, including our eligibility criteria and the information you’ll need to supply along with your application. Is my business eligible to apply?LendingCrowd can …Read More

Business loans to fuel your growth

When you’re looking to expand your business, for example by launching a new product, moving to larger premises or growing your team, a business loan could help to fund your ambitions. Before making any decisions about borrowing to expand, you’ll have …Read More

Why working capital is a must for SMEs

Working capital is the lifeblood of a business. It’s defined as current assets minus current liabilities, so it represents the amount of cash available at any given time once the business has paid its bills, such as staff wages and supplier …Read More

Loan options for seasonal businesses

There are many types of business that could be described as seasonal, relying on specific times of the year to generate the bulk of their income. While the likes of ice cream parlours, Christmas decorations retailers and wedding planners may see …Read More

Could a cashflow loan boost your business?

There are many ways in which your business could get a boost by taking out a loan for cashflow purposes. Here are some of the key potential benefits: Improved cashflow: A business loan can help you improve your cashflow by providing your …Read More

The benefits of restructuring business debt

If your business has multiple loans or other lines of credit such as overdrafts or credit cards, a debt consolidation loan can make it easier to manage your finances – and even reduce your monthly outgoings. Over time, many businesses will …Read More

Peace of mind for your business

With inflation and interest rates continuing the dominate the headlines, it’s only natural to have concerns about the rising costs of living and running a business.  LendingCrowd’s fast and flexible SME loans can provide peace of mind: Fixed monthly repayments of …Read More

Support for businesses – October 2021

To help our valued community of borrowers during the Covid-19 pandemic, we have produced guides to download in an easy-to-use format. These guides contain details of support measures such as rates relief and the Recovery Loan Scheme, with the content tailored …Read More